Quest of the Grail

Quest of the Grail

In the times of old, when healing was passed down by legends and myths, we understood the world as one of change and transformation. In these times the Grail and Cauldron was core to our well being.

The Cauldron and the Grail are symbols of containment, of potions and potency. Healing and nurturing from the magical concoctions which were tended and brewed within these magical vessels, allowed us to experience restoration and reclamation to our own well being.

On a basic level the cauldron was the vessel to feed and care for the tribe and the Grail or Chalice a source of water or more interesting liquor!!

 The Cauldron represents the magical powers of the feminine, birth, creation and sensuality which call to our sense of being born and those ancient calls to our foetal innocent state.
How often do we find groups or gatherings held in circles? The circle and cauldron symbolising containment, safety and a space which is contained within a circle.

In my blog I will explore the connection and mysteries of the ancient Druid spiritual tradition in harmony with the modern world we live in as a counsellor and therapist. For over 15 years I have worked and trained as a mainstream counsellor with specialised work in addictions, trauma and homicide while also studying as a Druid and shaman.

I finally came to a place in my journey where I saw the harmony of both traditions, how these to seemingly different models of healing can be a vital and potent journey of healing and growth. Finally we can share in a quest of our own healing which is alive and in our own hands.

The following weeks I’m going to share my own journey and invite you to come with me and be part of something truly magical and completely relevant in our modern world.



About carolinewilliamsnz

People often ask me why I chose a career in private practice counselling – my answer is simple. I wanted to create a service which was meaningful, down to earth and comfortable, while also providing competent therapy for life issues and mental health problems. I am excited to say that I have achieved this and can warmly invite you to personally experience the difference this vision of counselling can make – not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you too. - Caroline is a nationally registered major crimes and homicide counsellor and a fully qualified counsellor. Caroline brings over 15 years training and experience in the fields of trauma, PTSD, addictions/eating disorders and anxiety together with a passion for supporting people through major life changes. Contact her on or 0210706343 for more information and make this year the one that counts.
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