Stressed out?????

Stress…seems to be a word nearly everyone can relate to at some time, the seeming invisible malaise of modern society and living in it. Often we forget that stress in not only just a natural part of life it can also be very useful when we learn to use it and move with it. It isnt about getting rid of stress or anxiety but learning to recognise it and be able to keep FLOWING and GROWING in our life. So how does Grail questing have a solution here??
When we think of Grails and cauldrons we are often reminded of something very ancient and archaic but over the last week I have been reminded that the Grail/cauldron is ever renewing and always present in our now.
The Grail is also very much a physical energetical presence in our body, similar in some ways to the way chakras work .They reflect on an internal level the world we are experiencing, when we are calm and at peace our Grail is full of rich elixir and images. When we are stressed, anxious or upset the Grail can be a torrid swirling water spilling its edges….the saying  feeling churned up inside explains this so well …
How many times in your hectic day have you begun to experience feeling out of sorts, rushed and unable to get tasks done and started to feel as if your almost awash in indecision or emotion??
 I wanted to share the following short exercise which is surprisingly simple and effective in helping calm and restore our sense of balance.
Firstly cup your hand as if  a bowl  just below your ribcage, feel the hand edge push against yout stomach firmly.
Then take 3 breathes slowly and deeply.
  1.  The first breath imagine the earth beneath you drawing up into your body to rest in your Grail shaped hand.
  2.  Next with a breath from above you flowing down to the centre, resting again in your Grail shaped hand.
  3.  Finally a third breath from around you circling and centering in your Grail shaped hand.
  4. Visualise the energy and “water” in your Grail hand becoming calm and settled, see the deep hues and reflections in the water.
  5. When the image and sensations are fully calming and refreshing take your hand and imagine you are pouring the healing elixir from the Grail over your forhead and let it wash down your body.
You can keep repeating this excersise several times if desired, if you are in a place where the tipping motion may not be applicable then just visualise the water flowing into your body.
In the Druid Grove,

About carolinewilliamsnz

People often ask me why I chose a career in private practice counselling ā€“ my answer is simple. I wanted to create a service which was meaningful, down to earth and comfortable, while also providing competent therapy for life issues and mental health problems. I am excited to say that I have achieved this and can warmly invite you to personally experience the difference this vision of counselling can make ā€“ not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you too. - Caroline is a nationally registered major crimes and homicide counsellor and a fully qualified counsellor. Caroline brings over 15 years training and experience in the fields of trauma, PTSD, addictions/eating disorders and anxiety together with a passion for supporting people through major life changes. Contact her on or 0210706343 for more information and make this year the one that counts.
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