Cauldron of Transformation

With the Solstice energy working its steady magic the images of rebirth and transformation from the dark underworld of winter into the light of the child being born are potent.
But in our modern world we have been separated from our myths of transformation and often we feel naked and alone as we travel this painful and unfamiliar place unsure of what to do and how to be in this experience. Our ancestors wove healing messages into these myths, encoding the story with messages of healing, of initiation rites,lighting  the dark labyrinth of our soul with markers and guidance if we choose to see them.
The story of Cerridwen and the Cauldron is one  of transformation  through this  sacred symbol, and means of grace. .  The water and herbs Cerridwen chose carefully are watched over and transformed within the cauldron through tireless and dedicated  brewing  by the Goddess  into the Awen, the elixir of wisdom.  This potent  Awen transforms an ordinary boy into a wise man, the girl child into the wise woman through a series of chases, danger, pain and change as the elements  unfold through the story.
So how can we apply these ancient and sacred teachings to our modern lives??
The first step is to gain awareness, without fully understanding and coming to terms with the reality of where we are,( no matter how painful or unfamiliar) it can be  difficult to move forward in wisdom.
One way to develop our awareness is by gently focusing on the aspects of ourselves which weave together in the making of our present life. On a piece of paper or in your journal ( if your not journalling starting can be a powerful way of developing our awareness through telling our own story) draw a cauldron , Ive given and example. In this awareness cauldron are aspects of ourselves  which flow, impact as they  are connected to each other.
Air = thoughts , beliefs, perceptions ,often based on past experiences
Fire= actions, reactions , behaviors and our DOING self
Water= our emotions and feelings
Earth = our body, physical responses, sensations wellness and unwellness.
Start with an event which has happened recently which has been unsettling and make sure this isnt something highly traumatic or to triggering. For example an argument with  a work colleague or neighbor, you write this in the central space inside the cauldron.
Next in each elemental section write down the specific awareness’s you may have eg
Fire – yelled at person, then shouted at my partner and ate a block of chocolate
Earth – headache and had trouble sleeping
Water – angry, unjust, ashamed and upset…teary
Air – stupid person wouldn’t listen, why don’t they understand, no one supports me, Its not fair etc

Include as much detail as possible and see how these aspects impact and relate to each other, they are connected and often we move through these aspects unconsciously. Over the next week or so just continue to be aware of these elemental aspects as they relate to you. Do you notice how you feel ( anger, crying or feelings of helplessness or no feelings at all)? Do you ignore bodily responses ( tiredness,over indulging,stress)Do you get caught up in over thinking (  usually unhelpful,going over scenarios, imagining what ifs)  what are your actions ( avoiding people,too much tv,food,alcohol,smoking etc) because these are the ingredients we put in, add, mix up and brew inside our cauldron of transformation .
Repeat the  exercise, but this time choose an event  which was positive for you and go through the same process
 Fire – went for a walk with a friend and had people over for ritual, wanted to connect with others
Earth- slept really well and had very healthy dinner…and some chocolate, a big salty bath after a run
Water – felt content and loved, felt open to others
Air – realised I was part of something,believed I am supported and competent
By acknowledging these things we can then begin  to transform this elixir into change and wisdom, we have both our trials and champions inside us! By being aware of what they are, we are able to navigate through life and choose the path we travel with wisdom well earnt and knowledge that sustains us.

Until next time….keep stirring that cauldron !!


About carolinewilliamsnz

People often ask me why I chose a career in private practice counselling – my answer is simple. I wanted to create a service which was meaningful, down to earth and comfortable, while also providing competent therapy for life issues and mental health problems. I am excited to say that I have achieved this and can warmly invite you to personally experience the difference this vision of counselling can make – not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you too. - Caroline is a nationally registered major crimes and homicide counsellor and a fully qualified counsellor. Caroline brings over 15 years training and experience in the fields of trauma, PTSD, addictions/eating disorders and anxiety together with a passion for supporting people through major life changes. Contact her on or 0210706343 for more information and make this year the one that counts.
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