Druid therapy Workshops


Druid therapy Workshops.

Come join us in an afternoon of discovery and learning as we explore the legend of the Grail Quest.

Discovery your inner resources and gifts, become the hero and heroine of your own story and reclaim your life balance.

Druid Therapy workshops combine the wisdom of Celtic spirituality with modern psychology in this gentle yet empowering workshop.

By working with the Grail Legend as a psychological map we can learn how to gain personal awareness, map our past history without shame, learn how to move forward and understand the tools required to do all of this.

Druid Therapy is gentle while remaining transformative, providing you with the tools to make life long change and wellness.

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About carolinewilliamsnz

People often ask me why I chose a career in private practice counselling – my answer is simple. I wanted to create a service which was meaningful, down to earth and comfortable, while also providing competent therapy for life issues and mental health problems. I am excited to say that I have achieved this and can warmly invite you to personally experience the difference this vision of counselling can make – not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you too. - Caroline is a nationally registered major crimes and homicide counsellor and a fully qualified counsellor. Caroline brings over 15 years training and experience in the fields of trauma, PTSD, addictions/eating disorders and anxiety together with a passion for supporting people through major life changes. Contact her on therapycaroline@gmail.com or 0210706343 for more information and make this year the one that counts.
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